Dinis Machado

Meet the choreographer Dinis Machado who has an interdisciplinary background and education in Dance and Visual Arts from Porto and Lisbon in Portugal and Stockholm in Sweden. Their work unfold from their queer identity and often deals with themes such as queerness, gender, trans experiences, crip theory, body politics and mutating bodies. Some of Dinis Machados recent works are Normcore, A Monster of Moss and Metal and Yellow Puzzle Horse that we talk about in this episode. 

Conversation partner: Nasim Aghili

Producer: Malin Holgersson

Theme: Hampus Norén and Sara Parkman

Recorded at kafé Trapphuset, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern in Vällingby May 3rd 2022.

Both images above are from the performance Yellow Puzzle Horse (2021). Foto: Vera Marmelo. The image below is from Normcore (2019). Foto: Dinis Machado